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新人 観月ひかる AVデビュー!TEPPANからって凄いな。いきなり汗だくだぞ…


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RT @fucktyler: one day in my older years i will do meth dye my hair clear buy an enzo and drive to santa cruz with 6 iguanas DO NOT FUCK WI…

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13) doll - cute tightrope walker - grew up in an alley - had a harsh childhood - innocent and kind-hearted https://t.co/GQWMkA7EAu

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Golden Poppy Herbs

How To Make An All-Purpose Herbal Cleaning Spray For Spring Cleaning - https://t.co/QfcEChd3Jz

Meet Edgar


We are saddened to report the passing of a musical legend. He's an icon whose music and influence touched the... https://t.co/ES3loEmoZO


Sakshi Karnawat

RT @IbeGottaFeeling: Pique. Left to go to an easier league because he was a United reject. Weak mentality and carried in the Spain team. ht…

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RT @ShashiTharoor: An impressive summary of the huge amount of work done by Kerala's UDF Govt under @Oommen_Chandy: https://t.co/7IWW0ncI3x

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Skynet SMiZ

Throwback clip on YouTube! Time for an updated version! https://t.co/1wsnSZNYeA


Stoessel Updates

"I sing and dance because it makes me happy, I want to transmit a message, I do not want it to be an obligation" @TiniStoessel #TiniEnLa100

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Kerrie-Sue Stahl

#Trump is as sex-crazed as Bill Clinton, & demented. C what he says about his 1-yr-old Daughter & then as an adult. https://t.co/RAybmn2NBv

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Darryl McCullough

@mikedesouza UR an idiot. renewable results in higher co2 emissions https://t.co/6JOAKIkEgN

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iBlog News

Apple Store in der Kölner Innenstadt nimmt Formen an https://t.co/TrRHhgoFfs



Never love an artist

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RT @BibiCheret: I just wanna know if there's an unedited version of Naked and Afraid.

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Varinder Bhuller

RT @ITwingDSS: .@Gurmeetramrahim ji The film setting an Unmatched benchmark in Film Industry, motivating Fans towards true Moral Values. #I…

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clara m 7/27

RT @5HVoteStats: An iHeart Award and now a Top 10! Harmos Never Give Up! @FifthHarmony #FifthHarmony #YouKnowYouLoveThem @radiodisney https…

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